US Army Bans China Made DJI Drones

US Army Bans China Made DJI Drones

William Clegg

Date: Mon, 08/21/2017 - 12:24 / Keywords: DJI, UAV DRONES

Reports in the America suggest that the Pentagon has banned the US Army from using drones made by Chinese company DJI, due to possible cyber vulnerabilities.


DJI, headquarted in Shenzhen in south China’s Guangdong province, is the most popular brand for consumer drones globally. It currently enjoys a market share of around 50% in North America


The US Army’s research division has called on all staff to stop using the DJI equipment and  to uninstall all related applications.


Th army did not go into detail on the specific cybersecuity issues related to the drones, but it is known that DJI products have access to a range of flight data and information from the user’s audio and video feeds, and this information is stored on servers in China, Hong Kong and the US.



Despite DJI focusing on consumer rather than industrial markets, the report does raise questions on possible privacy or security risks associated with their products. It remains to be seen how these risks may affect the Chinese company’s reputation going forward.

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