[Opinion] How Chinese Entrepreneurs Build Global Influence
Zhou Jiangong
DATE:  Jun 27 2018
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
[Opinion] How Chinese Entrepreneurs Build Global Influence [Opinion] How Chinese Entrepreneurs Build Global Influence

(Yicai Global) June 27 -- More and more Chinese companies are going global, and an increasing number of Chinese entrepreneurs are coming into the international limelight as their companies evolve into an important driving force behind economic growth and globalization.

From trade to investment, a host of Chinese firms, products and brands are now favored by overseas consumers and users. Chinese businesses go to every corner of the world and create jobs, improve infrastructure and enhance their social influence.

Many Chinese companies list abroad, giving global investors the chance to make money and become familiar with them. Many have become world-renowned and have market values on par with some of America's largest firms. Internationally, more and more Chinese firms are climbing up rankings across all sectors, from media to research.

China is witnessing the emergency of many companies in the internet field whose innovation originates from China while serving worldwide users. With regard to applications in smartphones, consumer electronics and the internet, these firms demonstrate great competitiveness and a growing number of their products are favored by global users.

Chinese companies take the initiative to allocate resources with a global perspective. Over the years, China's capital advantages have been displayed, making China the most active forece in global mergers and acquisitions. They set up center of excellences in many countries, which also enhances their local innovation capabilities.

Over time, the decision makers at Chinese companies realize that corporate influence is mainly reflected by the market and society. While providing products and services for the market and winning consumers and users, Chinese firms have the ultimate goal of showcasing their brand and gaining a long-lasting reputation and trust.

China-based multinationals pay taxes to local governments, create jobs, benefit communities, fulfill social responsibilities and win influence for themselves.

The global influence of Chinese firms is finally manifested as global brand strength and social influence. Yicai Global and the Yicai Research Institute plan to research and evaluate the sway Chinese companies have in these respects, and release the results to the world.

Yicai Global is one of the most important news sources for the world to understand the Chinese market and Chinese companies, and is spreading excellent stories about the growth and innovation of Chinese companies to the world via millions of users on global social media platforms, leading financial and economic media in western countries, and other channels. In addition to mainstream western markets, it is extending its reach to the countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

Yicai Global is going global together with Chinese companies.

[The author is the Chief Executive of Yicai Media Group.]

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