Baidu, Geely Partner to Speed AI Use in Autos
Xu Wei
DATE:  Jul 04 2019
/ SOURCE:  yicai
Baidu, Geely Partner to Speed AI Use in Autos Baidu, Geely Partner to Speed AI Use in Autos

(Yicai Global) July 3 -- China tech heavyweight Baidu and automotive giant Geely Group today signed a strategic agreement to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence in smart network connectivity and autonomous driving. 

The two companies will work together on intelligent connectivity, smart vehicles, smart home appliances and electronic commerce to make sure that the day when every Chinese person owns a smart car comes soon, Baidu Chief Executive Robin Li said at Baidu Create 2019, the company's annual AI developer conference.

The latest smart sports utility vehicle in Geely's Boyue line, the Boyue Pro, comes equipped with Baidu's AI system through the Geely Smart Ecosystem Infotainment System. It enables the car to not only learn, think and evolve but also to become smarter and more empathetic, said Geely President Li Shufu. 

The two executives showed off the AI capabilities of the vehicle at the conference, with Li Shufu at the wheel and Robin Li on a remote live connection with him through Baidu's vehicle-mounted system. 

Together, the partners will occupy commanding heights in the industry, drive the future of smart transportation, and create new experiences for users through strategic cooperation and resource coordination, Geely's Li said. 

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