Beijing to Have 20,000 Sunshine Restaurants by Year-End
Zhang Xia
/SOURCE : Yicai
Beijing to Have 20,000 Sunshine Restaurants by Year-End

(Yicai Global) Oct.31 -- The catering service units developed by "Sunshine Restaurants" have exceeded its 2017 targets. The chain plans to complete construction of 20,000 catering units by the end of the year, Beijing Business Today reported.

The "Sunshine Restaurants" project, which was originally supervised by relevant government departments, now is also regulated by consumers to encourage restaurant operators to show the "kitchen" environment to customers. Up to now, the total catering services units completed have reached 17,600.

An official from Beijing Food and Drug Administration said the food safety management has been constantly upgraded, while the core of the "Sunshine Restaurant" project is the openness and transparency about information and operation of restaurants, an important component of which is the transparency of the kitchens, allowing customers to check and supervise them in real-time.

Beijing Food and Drug Administration will also introduce an app called "Beijing Sunshine Restaurant" to live broadcast from the kitchens and allow consumers to make comments and reviews.

By 2018, the "Sunshine Restaurant" project will cover more than 70 percent of Beijing catering service units.

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