China Seeks to Outlaw Encrypted Data Theft
Tang Shihua
DATE:  Jun 26 2019
/ SOURCE:  yicai
China Seeks to Outlaw Encrypted Data Theft China Seeks to Outlaw Encrypted Data Theft

(Yicai Global) June 25 -- China's legislature, the National People's Congress, is reviewing a draft bill before it that specifies that no organization or individual may steal encrypted information from others.

The bill was submitted to the session of the Standing Committee of the 13th NPC in Beijing today, China News Service reported.

It also clearly stipulates that no organization or individual may illegally break into another person's cryptogram protection system and may not use the password to carry out activities that endanger national security, the public interest, the legitimate rights and interests of others, or engage in other illegal and criminal activities.

The cryptograms mentioned in the bill refer to the products, technologies and services that use specific transformation to encrypt and protect or implement the safety accreditation on the information. There are two main functions of these codes: one is encryption protection and the other security authentication.

The bill also divides these codes into three types: core passwords, ordinary passwords and commercial ones for classified management. The core and ordinary codes are for state secrets and must be strictly and uniformly managed by government departments according to the law, while the commercial passwords are used to protect data that is not classified as a state secret.

This draft code on cryptograms includes general rules, core passwords, ordinary passwords, commercial passwords, legal liabilities and by-laws.

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