China's TCL Unveils New TV at CES, Targets Smart Home Centers
Wang Zhen
DATE:  Jan 09 2019
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China's TCL Unveils New TV at CES, Targets Smart Home Centers China's TCL Unveils New TV at CES, Targets Smart Home Centers

(Yicai Global) Jan. 9 -- Chinese television titan TCL Electronic Holdings debuted its new 75-inch 8K quantum-dot quantum light-emitting diode television at a release press conference in Las Vegas in the western US state of Nevada on the eve of the opening of this year's Consumer Electronics Show there.

The Shenzhen-based company will gradually shift its future business focus to the smart home center market, it said.

TCL will introduce both 65-inch and 75-inch 8K QLED televisions in North America this year and also plans to steadily raise the average sales price of its line by providing higher quality products, while also ensuring the swift growth of its color TV sales, Mao Chuwen, general manager of Findlay, Ohio-based TCL Home Appliances (North America), told Yicai Global. 

North America is indeed proving fertile ground for TCL Electronics Holdings' overseas business. Its TVs currently flow through over 95 percent of sales channels in the North American market; these include Walmart, Best Buy, Costco Wholesale, Target, Sam's West (aka Sam's Club) and Amazon.Com.

These six big marketing conduits claim 80 percent of color TV sales volume on the continent, and TCL has achieved close partnerships with these mainstream suppliers, Mao told Yicai Global. The US affiliate touts itself as "America's fastest-growing TV brand" on its website.

Compared with the new 8K QLED televisions the company inaugurated at Germany's Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin consumer electronics exhibition last year, the new items -- 8K QLED TVs -- have achieved further technical upgrades, with even more greatly improved screen resolution.

From Idiot Box to Smart Home

A television is the entertainment centerpiece of a family living room. TCL is realizing the interconnection between TVs and other home appliances, Mao told Yicai Global, adding it will introduce air conditioners, speakers, earphones and other audio products in North America in the next stage, thus gradually evolving TCL's intelligent TVs into smart home centers.

TCL Electronics has invested greatly to develop Internet of Things, smart homes, cloud platforms and other technologies over the last year, Wang Cheng, the company's chief executive, told Yicai Global.

The future smart home facilities will achieve interconnection and afford convenience to their users in different scenarios. This is thus the future direction for TCL's business of electronic terminals, Wang noted.

TCL is also showcasing electronic toothbrushes, makeup mirrors and other beautification devices, and various intelligent electronic appliances, as well as gateways, locks and other smart household products, in addition to the eye-catching 8K QLED TVs.

"TCL hopes to become the leading intelligent technology company with the vision of providing a smart life to its users, so our product types have further expanded," said Wang, who hopes the firms' new offerings satisfy the demands of young adult users.

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