Chinese VR Movie Shortlisted for Award at Venice International Film Festival
He Tianjiao
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Chinese VR Movie Shortlisted for Award at Venice International Film Festival

(Yicai Global) Sept. 1 -- Home in the Blue Temple, a virtual reality film co-produced by HTC Vive and Jaunt China with a NTD50-million (USD1.66-million) investment, has been shortlisted for a VR award after screening at this year's Venice International Film Festival.

The film, directed by Taiwanese Tsai Ming Liang, was shot using Jaunt ONE, the best VR camera system money can buy, and image post-processing was performed on Jaunt Cloud Services. Jaunt ONE's rendering and reproduction of dark detail helped to add an aesthetic spiritual dimension to the story.

HTC Vice is a leading virtual reality gaming device brand. Jaunt China is a joint venture founded by Silicon Valley startup Jaunt and China Media Capital. Shanghai Media Group, Yicai Global's parent company, was also involved in financing the movie with an aim to create quality VR content for Chinese cinemagoers.

Jaunt is a US-based developer of complete virtual reality solutions integrating VR production, automatic suturing in post-production, cloud transmission and content release.

"Home in the Blue Temple is the first virtual reality movie produced by Jaunt China," said Fang Gan, the firm's chief executive. "VR works are characterized by a fusion of creativity, art and technology. Our goal is to make more high quality movies with outstanding artists like Tsai."

Virtual reality is mostly known for its technicality, not the cultural aspects of the technology, said Liu Siming, a vice president at HTC Vive's content center. Using VR as a vehicle for artistic creation could create opportunities for businesses, he added.

Jaunt China and HTC Vive plan to release the movie online and offline after the film festival, and screen it at VR cinemas and art galleries later.

The pair has entered a strategic partnership for content creation and will collaborate on at least three premium virtual reality films in future.

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