Evergrande Neoenergy, Benteler, FEV Group Pen Deal for 3.0 Chassis IPR
Zhang Yushuo
DATE:  Sep 03 2019
/ SOURCE:  yicai
Evergrande Neoenergy, Benteler, FEV Group Pen Deal for 3.0 Chassis IPR Evergrande Neoenergy, Benteler, FEV Group Pen Deal for 3.0 Chassis IPR

(Yicai Global) Sept. 2 -- Evergrande Neoenergy Technology Group penned a deal with Germany's Benteler International and FEV Group, which transfers their world-class 3.0 chassis architecture's intellectual property to Evergrande in Shenzhen today.

Evergrande Neoenergy, formerly known as formerly known as Evergrande New Energy Power Technology (Shenzhen), did not disclose the amount of the transaction it announced in a press release, however.

Evergrande has stated its intention is to become the world's largest and most powerful NEV group within three to five years.

Both Paderborn-based Benteler International and Aachen-based FEV Group are international leaders in automotive engineering. With a history of over 140 years, Benteler has 83 bases for research and development and production in 39 countries, including Germany, the US, UK and Japan, and possesses leading R&D technology for new energy vehicle chassis architecture.

The 40-plus year-old FEV operates R&D institutions in Germany, the US, UK, Italy and 41 other countries and owns top-notch technologies in areas like chassis control systems, power assembly, long-range electric drive and lightweight design.

Evergrande Health Industry Group, of which Evergrande Neoenergy is a wholly-owned unit, has secured power assembly technology through cooperation with Germany's Hofer Powertrain, obtained technology for R&D and production in its collaboration with Sweden's Koenigsegg Automotive and acquired the core wheel-hub motor technology by acquiring the Netherland's e-Traction Europe and the US Protean Electric.

Evergrande Neoenergy acquired a 58.07 percent equity interest in Shanghai CENAT New Energy for more than CNY1 billion (USD140 million) in January, China Daily reported. The target is a leading company focused on ternary pouch type power batteries.

This came just after its parent, which is pushing aggressively into the new energy vehicle market, bought a 51 percent shareholding in Sweden's NEVS, a global smart electric vehicle company for USD930 million (USD130 million), per the report.

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