Huawei Launches World's First AI-Native Database
Tang Shihua
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Huawei Launches World's First AI-Native Database

(Yicai Global) May 15 -- Huawei Technologies today unveiled what it said is the world's first artificial intelligence-powered database, GaussDB, and the world's highest-performance distributed storage, FusionStorage 8.0, as part of the Chinese communications giant's efforts to redefine the data infrastructure sector.

"Heterogeneous, intelligent, and converged databases will become the key data infrastructure of the financial, government, and telecoms industries," David Wang, executive director and head of Huawei's strategy and marketing for information communications technology, said at a press conference in Beijing this morning, according to a company statement.

GaussDB is the industry's first enterprise-class database that supports Advanced RISC Machine architecture and will push database performance to a new level, meeting smart analytic requirements spanning various industries. It can boost self-tuning algorithm performance by over 60 percent while computing capabilities are 50 percent higher than the industry average, Wang said.

The launch of Huawei's big data platforms puts the Shenzhen-based company into competition with the likes of Oracle, IBM and Microsoft, which dominate the world's database market.

Huawei's FusionStorage 8.0 also integrates AI into full-lifecycle storage management with a higher Input/Output Operations Per Second rate and shorter time delay, making it possible for distributed storage to support critical enterprise applications for the first time, he said.

GaussDB and FusionInsight, another of Huawei's big data solutions, have already been deployed in 60 countries and regions to date, the company said, serving over 1,500 customers in the finance, internet, logistics, education, and automotive sectors.

"Humanity is entering the age of an intelligent world," Wang said. "Data is the new factor of production, and intelligence the new productivity.

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