Next Year to Be Important for Shipping Industry to Achieve Carbon Emissioni Goal, Says IMO'sMarine Environment Division
Wang Xixi
DATE:  Sep 26 2022

(Yicai Global) Sept. 26 -- As a specialized agency of the United Nations, the International Maritime Organization is the legislative and regulatory body responsible for the world's shipping safety and security as well as environmental matters.

The vast majority of the globe's trade-related transportation is conducted through international shipping and the world's social and economic development depends on the safe, reliable, clean and highly efficient shipping industry, to which the IMO provides the guarantees.

Yicai Media Group's North Bund Forum high-end interview talked with Arsenio Dominguez, director of the IMO's Marine Environment Division, who shares his in-depth views on the shipping industry's future regulatory framework, technological tendencies and opportunities for China.

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