Strong Demand for Flexible Display Panels Obviates Oversupply, Market Insiders Say
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Strong Demand for Flexible Display Panels Obviates Oversupply, Market Insiders Say

(Yicai Global) Nov. 20 -- Despite the large number of existing and forthcoming flexible display factories, there is no sign of oversupply on the market, so there is no need to worry about overcapacity in the flexible display industry, a market insider told Yicai Global.

"Oversupply is possible on the traditional display panel market, but innovative flexible displays are very popular among consumer electronics and other electronic device manufacturers. These products have been undersupplied relative to the buoyant demand, so overcapacity will not happen," said Liu Zihong, founder of Shenzhen Royole Technologies Co., in an interview with Yicai Global on Nov. 17.

Home appliance market observer Liu Buchen expressed similar views. "The active-matrix organic light-emitting diod (AMOLED) market is still fledgling, and liquid crystal display (LCD) panels are still the dominant products on the market. Any significant increase in the volumes of Amoled supplies will lead to exponential growth in demand, so Amoled products are seriously undersupplied, rather than oversupplied," Liu said.

Shenzhen Royole has branched out into a broad range of businesses that are not directly related to display panels, but all the products at the company focus on "flexibility plus," Liu told Yicai Global. The firm also offers standardized flexible electronic solutions for traditional businesses.

The firm developed the world's slimmest flexible display panel and achieved a breakthrough in flexible sensor development in 2014, he added. "At that time, [we] wanted to use the product to develop a mobile phone with our flexible display technology, but [we] later realized that flexible sensors themselves can be applied in numerous areas."

Thus far Royole's flexible electronic technology has been applied in a wide variety of products and businesses such as consumer electronics, smart home, sports, intelligent transport, construction and robotics.

A number of Chinese companies announced successful mass production of flexible display panels in a quick succession since June. Visionox declared last September that its Amoled bezel-free panels had been rolled off the production line and that it had formally started to supply the product to downstream smartphone industry businesses. In November, BOE began mass production of the sixth-generation Amoled panels at its production lines in Chengdu, capital of southwestern China's Sichuan province. Royole would kick off production of its sixth-generation Amoled panels around the Chinese New Year (Feb. 16), Liu suggested in an earlier interview.

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