Budweiser China, Harbin Beer Turn to World Cup, Rap Music to Advocate Smart Drinking
DATE:  Dec 22 2022

(Yicai Global) Dec. 22 -- Beer giant Budweiser Brewing Group APAC’s China arm has teamed up with Harbin Beer, one of China’s most popular lager makers, to launch a hip hop tune that comprises elements of the Football World Cup in Qatar in order to appeal to young adults of drinking age as part of its campaign for ‘smart drinking.’

The song “Enjoy Harbin beer and say no to drinking and driving” shows young, enthusiastic football fans meeting a squad of security guards who urge them not to drink too much in a cute and father-like manner. It is adapted to the theme song of “My Own Swordsman” and uses the lyrics, “Drink-driving? No Way! Respect each other and follow the rules wherever you go! Drink-driving? No Way! Let everybody be happy, and get together again”. By using rap music and dance to promote the idea of not drinking and driving, the message can get through to young adults.

“We believe that every experience with beer should be a positive experience. That’s why we included Smart Drinking as one of the eight priorities on our Environmental, Social and Governance journey," said Craig Katerberg, chief legal and corporate affairs officer of Budweiser APAC, the largest beer company in the Asia-Pacific region.

"Our dream is to become the most-loved, high-quality growth leader in beverages. We are on our ESG journey, and Smart Drinking is one of the important pillars on this journey to realize this dream. The Smart Drinking project requires long-term strategic and collaborative participation by many parties,” said Jan Craps, co-chair and chief executive officer of Hong Kong-based Budweiser APAC.

"The culture of smart drinking is taking shape, but the problem of drinking and driving has not yet been eradicated,” said He Yong, secretary-general of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association and chairman of beer branch. “We hope that more industry partners will join us to build a 'zero drinking and driving' community."

Budweiser China and Harbin Beer have also launched a "Goalkeeper" recruitment applet for communities across 100 cities, encouraging people to "listen to their elders" and join the Budweiser China’s "Goalkeeper Pop Group" to protect their communities. Harbin Beer also launched a limited-edition non-alcoholic beer for the Qatar World Cup, giving consumers more smart options and creating a culture of smart drinking from a different dimension.

"Harbin Beer has for a long time now been communicating the idea of smart drinking through the hobbies and interests of young adults, such as hip-hop, street fashion, and eSport,” said Matt Che, chief marketing officer of Budweiser APAC. “By combining goalkeepers and DAYE doorkeepers, and integrating the element of “DAYE Idols”, Harbin Beer makes the message “Say no to drinking and driving” more interesting and exciting."

For over 15 years, Budweiser China has conducted hundreds of Smart Drinking campaigns across the country, involving volunteers, employees, distribution partners and other stakeholders. According to incomplete statistics, more than one billion people nationwide have received information, either directly or indirectly, on smart drinking. And the number of people caught driving over the limit has decreased by over 70 percent. No drinking and driving has become a consensus among drivers.

Editor: Kim Taylor

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