50 Shanghai Mental Health Experts Deploy to Aid Wuhan
Wu Jun
DATE:  Feb 24 2020
/ SOURCE:  yicai
50 Shanghai Mental Health Experts Deploy to Aid Wuhan 50 Shanghai Mental Health Experts Deploy to Aid Wuhan

(Yicai Global) Feb. 24 -- A group of 50 psychologists from Shanghai set off for Wuhan, Hubei Province on Feb. 21 to provide psychological counseling to patients and medical staff fighting the Covid-19 epidemic. This is the sixth contingent of medical support personnel the eastern Chinese megacity has sent to the central province at the heart of and hardest hit by the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

The medical team takes a group photo before setting out. The squad will divide into 10 groups to go to various medical institutions in Wuhan. Nine will provide psychological intervention for coronavirus patients, while the 10th will offer counseling to medical staff supporting the beleaguered city of 11 million residents.

Wang Zhen, vice president of Shanghai Mental Health Center and leader of the company of mental health professionals, is a seasoned veteran who administered psychotherapy to SARS patients in 2003.

Zhuo Kaiming is the attending physician of the Shanghai Mental Health Center. Though naturally worries, his mother, also a psychiatrist before retiring, is highly supportive of her son's resolve to help Wuhan.

Zhang Chen, deputy chief physician of Shanghai Mental Health Center, gazes at the camera with the level, assured gaze of one who knows his cause is just.

The checked luggage and medical supplies of the mental health detachment stand higgledy-piggedly as they await loading.

Members of the Mental Health Center of Shanghai's northern Putuo district pose together for a photo before their departure for the front line, holding a banner that reads, "[On to] inevitable victory in this war and a safe return."

Editors: Dou Shicong, Ben Amour

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