Audi, SAIC's Joint EVs to Debut in 2025, Audi China Head Says
Wu Ziye
DATE:  Sep 04 2023
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Audi, SAIC's Joint EVs to Debut in 2025, Audi China Head Says Audi, SAIC's Joint EVs to Debut in 2025, Audi China Head Says

(Yicai) Sept. 4 -- The first three electric vehicle models co-developed by Audi and SAIC Motor are expected to be launched in China in 2025, according to the president of the German automaker’s local unit.

Audi will assist SAIC in revamping its E1 EV development platform to be integrated with Audi, Jurgen Unser told Yicai yesterday. The pair will use the updated platform to develop and release three models that will focus on meeting the needs of young Chinese consumers, Unser added.

The two companies will also develop a new EV platform together, releasing the first model based on it in 2027, Unser said. They plan to sign a co-development deal later this year or early next.

Audi and SAIC will develop B- and C-segment vehicles and not A-segment cars, according to Unser. They will finalize the planning details based on the E1 platform next week, while they are still discussing the planning of the new platform-based products, he added.

Unser is optimistic about the prospects for China's EV market and expects 2025 to be a turning point. Audi hopes to maintain a similar pricing strategy for its EVs as for its fuel vehicles, but it will adjust them to respond to any fast changes in demand in the Chinese market.

Audi and SAIC will advance the two parts of their alliance simultaneously, Unser said, noting that their collaboration aims to promote Audi's smart connected EVs, helping the German company find a more accurate market positioning in China.

SAIC-Audi, one of Audi's two joint ventures in China, will focus on developing products to meet the needs of young consumers, especially EVs, Unser noted. Meanwhile, FAW-Audi will continue Audi's global product series and develop new models more suitable to Chinese buyers based on domestic demand.

Audi and SAIC announced in July that they would deepen their EV partnership. Audi aims to access SAIC's technologies for baseboard management controller system, underbody, and smart driving system through the tie-up, an insider close to SAIC told Yicai at the time, while Audi will handle the exterior and interior design work.

Editors: Tang Shihua, Futura Costaglione

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