Baidu's Robin Li: 'AI Should Not Look Like Humans'
Chen Juan
DATE:  Aug 23 2018
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Baidu's Robin Li: 'AI Should Not Look Like Humans' Baidu's Robin Li: 'AI Should Not Look Like Humans'

(Yicai Global) Aug. 23 -- China's search engine giant Baidu's co-founder and Chief Executive Robin Li has shared his insights about how the era of artificial intelligence should look like while admitting that the development is still far away from his goal.

"AI should not look like humans," Li said at an industry forum, adding that instead: "What we are going to do is to make machines think like humans."

Li explained the rationale with different purposes for different eras. "We are not supposed to devote ourselves to either making machines which resemble human or teaching machines we make to walk, run and go upstairs and downstairs, which is how we did things in the mechanical age.""If we are making machines to replace physical labor, we have made them in the industrial age."

The chief executive is not too worried about robots taking over the humankind. "It is not a problem at all because we find that it is much more difficult than what we imagine when we do research on technologies every day, and we are actually quite far away from realizing artificial general intelligence, which means machines thinking like humans."

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