Bike Sharer Ofo Gets Dismal Satisfaction Rating From Chinese City
Xu Wei
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Bike Sharer Ofo Gets Dismal Satisfaction Rating From Chinese City

(Yicai Global) April 29 -- Chinese bike-sharing service provider Ofo has become mired in difficulties and cannot maintain its normal operation and service. 

Its market share has dropped significantly, and its operation quality, reputation and social satisfaction have all plummeted, the Transportation Bureau of Wuhan in China's south-central Hubei province said in its review of three bike-sharing companies yesterday, Hubei Daily reported today.

Wuhan started to issue orders to control these companies' unauthorized placement of shared bikes in September 2017. It began to assess bike-sharers in the last year, and this was the second evaluation of Mobike, Hellobike and Ofo.

Mobike gained 88.34 points out of 100 in the comprehensive rating, Hellobike 83.73, and Ofo 23.71. Mobike's social satisfaction score was 8.73 out of 15, while Hellobike  and Ofo came in at 7.35 and 2.21, respectively, per the bureau.

Beijing Mobike Technologies runs Mobike. Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology operates Hellobike and Beijing Bikelock Technology manages the Ofo platform.

Wuhan has dropped its shared bike placement from 1 million bikes two years ago to 750,000 bikes, and companies that received good grades are those that have enhanced their management, a bureau staffer told Hubei Daily. 

Ofo owes users deposit refunds of from CNY1.1 billion (USD160 million) to CNY2 billion, Yicai Global reported, and a Beijing court barred Dai Wei, its founder, from indulging in extravagance like air travel and hotel stays.

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