CIIE Boosts Manufacturing Investment in China, Report Says
Tong Xin
DATE:  Nov 10 2023
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
CIIE Boosts Manufacturing Investment in China, Report Says CIIE Boosts Manufacturing Investment in China, Report Says

(Yicai) Nov. 10 -- The China International Import Expo, held every year since 2018, has brought new investment into the country’s manufacturing sector, a research report released at this year’s event said.

The CIIE stimulates investment in manufacturing, reversing a slowdown, according to the report jointly released by the Shanghai Academy and Social Sciences Academic Press China.

The annual trade fair also expands import trade and foreign investment, facilitates domestic and global dual circulation, improves supply and demand in China, and deepens the international division of industrial labor, it stated.

The deals made by Chinese companies at the CIIE can further boost investment in manufacturing, the report said. In the face of China’s growing demand for imports, exhibitors are switching to investment and will invest more based on their expectations for the Chinese market, it said.

The report also recommends that China focus on exhibitors in high-end manufacturing and strengthen regional guidance for foreign investment, nudging investment into the country's central and western regions, not just into East China, particularly Shanghai.

The exhibition floor of the CIIE jumped from 300,000 square meters to 366,000 sqm last year from 2018, with intended business of nearly USD350 billion over the first five years of the expo.

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