Chinese Splurged on Cosmetics, Kids' Stuff on Black Friday
Zhang Yushuo
DATE:  Nov 27 2018
/ SOURCE:  yicai
Chinese Splurged on Cosmetics, Kids' Stuff on Black Friday Chinese Splurged on Cosmetics, Kids' Stuff on Black Friday

(Yicai Global) Nov. 26 -- On Black Friday, Chinese consumers more than doubled their spending online through, an online shopping directory and cashback website, favoring cosmetics, maternity and children's products.

Online orders placed via in Tmall Global, Amazon Global, NetEase Kaola, and Haitun Global jumped 152 percent on Nov. 23 from a year earlier, according to the Shanghai-based platform's data. Tmall Global received the most orders, followed in order by Haitun Global, NetEase Kaola, Amazon Global and Duoshoubang.

'Mask,' 'lipstick' and 'facial cleanser' were the terms most searched in the cosmetics section, which is consistent with sales growth in each category, Fanli said.

Though major US e-commerce platforms and retail stores offer heavy discounts on Black Friday, Japan attracted most orders through Fanli because of its brand strength and proximity to China. Sales of dairy products and nutritional supplements made Australia the third-most popular country. Home appliances and beauty care products, which are popular among Chinese, helped propel Germany and South Korea to fourth and fifth place.

Residents of China's southern coastal Guangdong province placed the most orders for cosmetics, maternity and kids' goods, far exceeding those from other areas. Jiangsu province and Shanghai ranked second and third, while the provinces of Zhejiang and Sichuan came in fourth and fifth.

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