E-Commerce Sites Flog Fake Foreign Wares, China Consumer Agency Says
Liao Shumin
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E-Commerce Sites Flog Fake Foreign Wares, China Consumer Agency Says

(Yicai Global) Feb. 8 -- The China Consumers Association (CCA) published a briefing on the 2017 Double 11 online shopping survey yesterday, which found many foreign goods sold online are counterfeit. Jumei.com, Kaola.com affiliated to NetEase Inc., Gome.com.cn JD.Com Inc. and related shops on Taobao.com were found selling suspected counterfeit goods.

To strengthen social supervision of prices, after-sales service and quality of online goods sold during the double-11 shopping frenzy, CCA conducted a survey on the price, quality and service of online goods sold around Nov.11 between October and January. The survey covered 16 online shopping platforms' nine categories of products including clothing and footwear, mobile phone and digital products, food, cosmetics and personal care products, home supplies and home textiles, maternal and child products, bags, suitcases and accessories, household appliances and other daily necessities.

The survey found that in most cases, non-pre-sale products are not the most favorable during the double-11 shopping frenzy, said an unnamed CCA official. In addition, purchasers of overseas goods sold online can hardly enjoy 'return of goods without cause,' and many other goods are counterfeit. Among non-overseas goods, garments have relatively prominent quality problems.

Like third-party sellers on major e-commerce platforms, the self-operated overseas goods store of big-name e-commerce platforms cannot shake the suspicion of selling bogus products either. The Estee Lauder ANR Eye cream sold by 'self-operated direct mail warehouses' of NetEase's Kaola.com is one alleged counterfeit product  CCA has identified.

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