Globalization Is Undergoing a Shake Up; China’s Appeal to Investors Is Growing, Economist Says
Chen Xiyu
DATE:  Jul 02 2024
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Globalization Is Undergoing a Shake Up; China’s Appeal to Investors Is Growing, Economist Says Globalization Is Undergoing a Shake Up; China’s Appeal to Investors Is Growing, Economist Says

(Yicai) July 2 -- Globalization is not breaking down but has started a restructuring after a slowdown. China’s economy still has huge growth potential and more investment opportunities are emerging for international investors, a professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science told Yicai in a recent interview.

Globalization is picking up in terms of trade, Jin Keyu said. The rapid globalization that started in the 1980s is undergoing a shift. Many developed countries in the West as well as developing countries are dissatisfied with the previous form of globalization, leading to a restructuring.

Take China and the United States, for example, Jin said. Their relationship is closely tied to global industrial chains. Although they made investments in third-party countries, such as Vietnam and Mexico, the world’s two largest economies cannot be separated from each other.

The European Union may be aiming to play for time, unlike the US, Jin said, referring to the EU’s proposal to hike tariffs on imported Chinese new energy vehicles. For example, they might want to discuss how industrial chains can be relocated to Europe. The tariff hike plan could be more of a bargaining chip with China. And it is not enough to weaken the competitiveness of China's new energy sectors, especially electric vehicles.

China and the US, though, need to strike a new balance in their relations, and this can be found in investment and trade, Jin said.

But finding a balance in the technology sector could be difficult, she said. Unlike before, about 70 percent of technologies can now be used in both the civil and military sectors. As a result, countries including the US, China and India are considering the impact of emerging technologies on the global economy.

US restrictions in the high-tech sector have provided Chinese tech firms with more opportunities in their home market, driving them to succeed. These companies have great growth potential as they already have a foothold in the market and do not have to compete with international rivals.

China has demonstrated a strong ability to innovate in consumption, new energy sectors, industrial upgrading, high tech and digitalization, all of which are significant investment opportunities. Chinese companies have attractive price-to-earnings ratios, with good prospects for revenue growth.

The country still has huge growth potential, and it will promote long-term economic development through technological and industrial upgrading, Jin said. More investment opportunities and value are emerging. Overseas investors should gain an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market, especially amidst geopolitical turmoil, and formulate their investment strategies through market research and on-site visits.

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