Huawei's Vision Is a Fully-Linked Smart World, President Says
Zhang Guoliang
DATE:  Dec 26 2018
/ SOURCE:  yicai

(Yicai Global) Dec. 25 -- "Huawei still achieved good results despite external pressure," Huawei Technologies' president Liang Hua said today in interview with media

When asked how Huawei defines its role in the future, Liang said company executives have long discussed its vision for the next 20 to 30 years and decided Huawei's mission will be to bring the digital world to everyone, every family and organization, and build a smart fully-connected world.

Huawei has won 26 commercial contracts for fifth-generation network communications and signed cooperative deals with over 50 commercial partners worldwide, with shipment of the 5G base stations topping 10,000, Liang said. 

Media including Yicai Global interviewed Liang in Huawei's Shenzhen head office today. He did not specify Huawei's performance this year, but executives last week said the firm will have "no problem" attaining operating revenue of USD100 billion this year, adding that the company has to date secured 25 commercial 5G network contracts. 

The company's business in Germany has been normal thus far, Liang said. It is actively participating in operators' 5G construction in France and is replying to operators' bidding documents and testing experimental networks in Japan. 

The views of New Zealand's government differ from the local operators' 5G plan, but the administrative process has not yet been exhausted, and these customers said that they will keep communicating with the government and cooperating with Huawei.

The company will continue to operate in conformity with laws and regulations, responding to international political uncertainty with the certainty of legal compliance, and strictly abide by all relevant laws and regulations in countries where the company does business, including applicable UN, US and EU export controls, sanctions, laws and regulations. 

The information and communication technology sector depends highly on a global supply chain, Liang noted, adding that Huawei works with suppliers in Europe, the US, Japan, China and other countries to ensure the competitiveness of its products' performance and quality. 

The company has set up a consummate management system for procurement, manufacturing, logistics, global technical services and other areas since 2012, and formulated business continuity and emergency plans. 

The firm for the first-time last month released its list of core suppliers. This comprises 33 American companies, 32 Chinese ones and 11 Japanese ones, with various international concerns including Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel, Samsung, SONY, Foxconn, Microsoft, Oracle and others included. 

Huawei will stick to an open and cooperative attitude and cooperate with ecological partners throughout its industrial chain to achieve win-win results and shared benefits, Liang stressed. The firm will not change its partnerships with various companies, but they will instead rely on each other and share weal and woe together. 

On his feelings after seeing Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou's diary, Liang said good and warm-hearted people are always there and he appreciated the concern shown for Huawei and Meng. Yicai Global noticed coffee cups printed with the statement "The lighthouse awaits the early return of the late boat" ('late boat' has the same pronunciation in Chinese as Meng's given name) in the conference room. 

Huawei employees earlier shared pictures of these coffee cups on social media to express their solidarity after Canada's detention of Meng at the behest of the US, which claims she violated its sanctions by selling American technology to Iran. 

The company will continue to increase its investments in research and development to overcome future challenges, especially in basic research and novel technologies, and intensify its cooperation with universities and research institutions, Liang pledged. 

(Yicai Global will publish a more detailed interview of Liang tomorrow)

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