[In Photos] AI Is Hot Topic at GDC 2024 in Shanghai
Liu Xiaojie
DATE:  Mar 25 2024
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
[In Photos] AI Is Hot Topic at GDC 2024 in Shanghai [In Photos] AI Is Hot Topic at GDC 2024 in Shanghai

(Yicai) March 25 -- Artificial intelligence was one of the hot topics at the two-day 2024 Global Development Conference in Shanghai that ended yesterday.

Besides developers, university students and people working in many different sectors also attended the GDC this year, Liang Sicong, an investor at Ameba Capital and jury member for the conference's global innovation project roadshows, told Yicai.

A crowd of people attended this year's GDC, as events held at the main venue of the Shanghai West Bund Dome Art Center were all full. Several hundred meters from there, visitors gathered to witness a cutting-edge interactive experience area covering almost 10,000 square meters.

SoftBank exhibited its humanoid robot Pepper at the GDF. Pepper integrates Baidu's large language model Ernie Bot by default, but it can be changed according to client needs, a staffer said.

Pepper focuses on senior-care scenarios and can provide smart memory training and cognition stimulation services to help the elderly exercise their brains. With the integration of LLMs, the robot is like a walking encyclopedia. Pepper can also provide social and emotional support and monitor life signs and indicators.

Cetc Electronics Equipment Group, Yushu Science and Technology, Yunshenchu Technology, and other tech firms also brought humanoid robots to the GDC.

The booth of Nvidia's partner Yushu drew much attention. Yushu exhibited its first generic humanoid robot Unitree H1, which can walk, run, and even dance like a human.

According to Yicai's incomplete statistics, six humanoid robots made an appearance at the conference. A total of nearly 20 robotic products, including four-foot robots, exoskeleton robots, and collaboration robots, were put on display at the GDC.

Tesla brought one of its Cybertruck to the GDC. The vehicle, which was placed at the entrance of the conference's main venue, attracted many visitors.

Moonshot AI, Baichuan AI, and other firms dedicated to the development of LLMs showcased their products at the experience area of the GDC, mostly allowing customers to test the LLMs' dialogue capabilities.

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