Shiseido Snuggles Up With Watson on Beauty Products
Liao Shumin
DATE:  May 31 2019
/ SOURCE:  yicai
Shiseido Snuggles Up With Watson on Beauty Products Shiseido Snuggles Up With Watson on Beauty Products

(Yicai Global) May 30 -- Japanese personal care maker Shiseido has forged a link with A.S. Watson Group, the beauty and healthcare product retailer under CK Hutchison Holdings, to implement a three-year cooperation plan and join hands to research and develop innovative beauty products.

This is not the first time Tokyo-based Shiseido and Hong Kong-headquartered Watson have paired up, Beijing-based financial media Caijing's online magazine reported today. They collaborated before to develop Shiseido's popular acne-control 'd program' brand and exclusively introduced it in Watson's shops in China last month, with sales fivefold their expectations as the result.

The two will also jointly develop Watson-exclusive versions of Shiseido's Za (pronounced 'zee-ei') cosmetics brand and skincare Senka Perfect Whip cleansing foam that mainly sell in Asia along with d program. Shiseido and Watson will apply Big Data customer analysis to understand consumers and markets, which will help them introduce more exclusive products in future.

Watson, the world's biggest health and beauty retailer, presides over a mainland store network with over 3,600 outlets whose clientele is more than 70 percent women.

Watson will help Shiseido enter the Chinese market and others in which the Hong Kong health and beauty retailer operates, Indonesia and the Philippines above all as these hold the greatest latent growth potential.

Watson, which was founded in 1828, started out as the Canton Dispensary and Soda Water Establishment, a small clinic providing free medical services to the indigent in China's southern Guangdong province. Moving to Hong Kong in 1843, it was renamed the Hong Kong Dispensary. Dr. Alexander Watson, from whom it takes its name, joined the firm in 1858.

Shiseido produces skin care, hair care, fragrance and cosmetics. Formed in 1872, it is among the oldest cosmetics companies in the world.

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