State Grid Tests 5G in Photovoltaic Cloud Network
Dou Shicong
/SOURCE : Yicai
State Grid Tests 5G in Photovoltaic Cloud Network
(Yicai Global) March 13 -- State Grid Corp. of China held a test run of its 5G technology yesterday to transmit information in its dtributed photovoltaic cloud network, which greatly improved its transmsion rate and quality. /n/n/n/n/n A dtributed photovoltaic power station in Lahui county, in east-central Henan province used 5G to transmit information such as power generation and power and conversion ratio to State Grid's dtributed cloud network at a rate of 100 gigabytes per second, reported.

The network China's largest platform offering shared services for photovoltaic power stations. Its information collection, onsite equipment monitoring, and remote diagnos impose high requirements on a communication network's transmsion capability, but application of 5G technology will supply the needs of growing ranks of users and swelling data streams.

As 5G communication faster and more secure and wide-ranging, it can meet the demand for massive dtributed photovoltaic power stations to help the company implement its energy service strategy and boost the clean energy sector, said Xie Xiangying, head of the photovoltaic cloud network at State Grid, which recently set up a laboratory with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to further study application of 5G technology to improve its network's smart services and innovative functions, Xie added.

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