Tencent Cloud Goes Offline Amid Cable Issue
Liu Jing | Tang Shihua
DATE:  Jul 25 2018
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Tencent Cloud Goes Offline Amid Cable Issue Tencent Cloud Goes Offline Amid Cable Issue

(Yicai Global) July 25 -- Tencent Holdings' cloud services went offline yesterday following an issue with a broken fiber-optic cable, though regular service was quickly restored.

Users experienced difficulties in accessing websites amid the temporary blackout, state-backed news site The Paper reported, though all services are back online now.

A large number of users took to social media to complain that they were unable to log on to Tencent's cloud platform. Tencent Cloud released an announcement soon after blaming a broken fiber-optic cable for the downtime.

Tencent Cloud did not reveal details of how it would compensate users for the outage.

Downtime on cloud services is not a rarity with Tencent rival AliCloud experiencing issues on June 27 due to "an error in operation and maintenance. Western rivals Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud also ran into difficulties recently.

"No one can guarantee that Cloud computing is perfect and won't experience downtime. At present, compared with self-built computer facilities, cloud computing enjoys a higher degree of security and reliability," said Zhang Xia, head of cloud computing consulting at the world's largest cloud computing provider AWS.

The cloud computing business has rapidly developed in China in recent years with intensifying competition among related providers. Alibaba Group and Tencent are the main local providers which are fiercely seizing market share from each other.

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