Will Global Populist Politics Continue to Spread?
Pan Yinru
/SOURCE : yicai
Will Global Populist Politics Continue to Spread?

Yes. Populist forces started to emerge on the global political landscape last year, and this trend may continue to gain momentum this year.

The EU will be the focal point as the refugee crisis tears the bloc apart and continues to fuel Eurosceptic sentiment. Italy has elected the most radically anti-EU government yet. Brexit talks are deadlocked. Eurosceptic parties are sweeping Germany's local elections. Even Emmanuel Macron, France's young president, has not been able to withstand the waves of Yellow Vest protests.

The year 2019 will be one in which the rift continues to widen. Populism and its resulting instability are set to intensify, with the direct elections to the European Parliament in May becoming the touchstone of populist strength.

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