Yicai Brilliant 2019 Starts Its Quest for China's Best International Entrepreneurs
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DATE:  Feb 01 2019
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Yicai Brilliant 2019 Starts Its Quest for China's Best International Entrepreneurs Yicai Brilliant 2019 Starts Its Quest for China's Best International Entrepreneurs

(Yicai Global) Feb.1 -- China is an active participant in and promoter of globalization. As it opens ever wider and its mobile internet burgeons, the country entices ambitious global entrepreneurs here to make their dreams come true.

Yicai Global instituted the Yicai Brilliant to discover these successful entrepreneurs whose breadth of view sees no national boundaries. The event is now in its third year.

This contest seeks out and chooses the 'Best International Entrepreneurs in China.' 

Sequoia Capital China's founder Neil Shen, Linear Venture's founder Wang Huai and other well-known investors constituted the expert panel for the first selection Yicai Brilliant in 2017. 

The panel integrated these experts' global vision and formulated a comprehensive selection mechanism from the nine dimensions of leadership, founder's character, teamsmanship, innovation, technology, novelty of business model, growth, scale and funding.

Our panel members believe this creative approach is not only adapted to the domestic market but is also a pivotal indicator of whether the companies it evaluates have the right stuff to go global and serve international markets and users after getting off to a successful start in China.

Yicai Global filtered 30 global entrepreneurs from 15 countries from nearly 100 firms over two years. The sheer abundance of fields they encompass utterly confounded our expectations. 

Their footprints are clearly visible ranging across fintech, biotech, healthcare, design and intelligent technology to games, social networking, environmental protection, tourism, catering and performance, all of which closely relate to everyday life.

Judging from where the nominees started their operations, Shanghai is the most popular city among these global movers, but Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou also find great favor in their eyes.

Yicai Global will start officially accepting Yicai Brilliant 2019 selection recommendations on Feb. 1. 

Submissions may be directed to our social media accounts and email:

Twitter: @yicaichina

Facebook: @yicaiglobal


Investors or entrepreneurs are invited to send us their company profile and founder's resume. Third-party referrals are also welcome. Yicai will organize a professional review committee to evaluate and publish the final results in May.

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