Singapore Maritime And Port Authority: Global Green Shipping Speeds Up, The Same Goes for Digitalization And Intelligentization
DATE:  Sep 02 2022

(Yicai Global) Sept. 2 -- Achieving carbon neutrality through green development is a global focus. In the port and shipping industry, the construction standards of green ships as well as the bankering and supply of new fuels are becoming hot topics. Digitalization and intelligentization are also a growing focus with the emergence of automated ships, unmanned terminals, and mutual recognition of electronic certificates.

How is the Port of Singapore, located at a global shipping artery, advancing? What has been done and will be done to accelerate carbon neutrality? And how does it manage to ensure normal operation of the port during the pandemic? In the era of artificial intelligence, what further room is there for China-Singapore cooperation? Yicai’s North Bund Forum high-end interview host talked with Ms.Quah Ley Hoon, CEO of Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. Watch the video to find out the answers.

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Keywords:   carbon neutrality,Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore