Yicai Global Examines Changing Global Landscape With "World Movers" Documentary Series
Feng Yuqing
DATE:  Feb 27 2018
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
 Yicai Global Examines Changing Global Landscape With "World Movers" Documentary Series Yicai Global Examines Changing Global Landscape With "World Movers" Documentary Series

(Yicai Global) Feb. 27 -- Yicai Global has launched a six-episode documentary "World Movers" Yicai Global commentator Feng Yuqing has engaged in deep dialogue with the world's top strategists and economists in an attempt to examine developments in the US and how the world is changing.

The company held the New York Forum at the Bank of America Tower in New York on Feb. 22, inviting SCP Investment LP CEO Isaac Souede and Thomas De Luc, a political science professor at Fordham University, to explore the future direction of globalization ahead of a showing of the first episode of World Promoter.

In the episode, Feng held a dialogue with Thomas Friedman, author of The World Is Flat, to explore how the "power to flatten the world" is accelerating, how the significant fluctuations that have taken place affect the boundaries between nations and racial conflicts, people's pursuit of the truth and the prospect of social employment.

"We are facing three of the most powerful forces on Earth accelerating at the same time and the interaction of the three forces of Moore's Law, climate change and markets is reshaping the world," Friedman believes.

At present many people in the US are dissatisfied with globalization, Professor De Luc said. Globalization has impacted the lives of these people, while being closely related to partisan politics and ethnic issues in the US. Those dissatisfied with globalization think that its liberal advocates, as well as supportive officials and legislators, are indifferent to the interests of people at a grass-roots level, and are only concerned with the interests of large enterprises and the upper class. However, in fact, these issues are exaggerated or even distorted under party politics.

Many people do not quite understand the nature of public measures such as health insurance initiatives undertaken by the government and think it is unrelated to the government. Souede, who has been in the investment industry for many years, also says social differentiation is often related to the manipulation of politicians. The credo of politicians is often the "divide and rule" of the people, which is common in many countries.

The economic interests of China and the US are closely linked and indivisible, Friedman says.

In terms of current trade disputes and conflicts between China and the US, Souede believes that from a historical point of view, whether it is in terms of the US assistance to Europe's Marshall Plan after World War II or the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the US in the 1970s, there have been many proactive measures taken by the US, therefore, the country should not be surprised by changes brought stemming from them.

As for the current series of trade confrontations President Trump and China, Souede believes that this is more of a bargaining tactic adopted by Trump who has a New York real estate trader background. He likened the strategy to a negotiation. De Luc said that although China and the US compete, they also need each other. They both expressed cautious optimism about future relations between China and the US.

In addition to the dialogue with Friedman, Feng also conducted dialogues in the six-part documentary with Charlene Barshefsky, the US negotiator during China's accession to the World Trade Organization, former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, historian Niall Ferguson and former US ambassador to China Gary Faye Locke. The documentary will be released soon.

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