2018 Yicai Brilliant 20 Selection Sets Sail Again
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2018 Yicai Brilliant 20 Selection Sets Sail Again

(Yicai Global) Feb. 12 -- With the deepening of globalization and development of the internet, China's role is undergoing changes. In the past, Chinese company leaders and entrepreneurs gained experiences and methods from mature economies. Now more and more entrepreneurs from all over the world come to China with their business dreams. China has gradually become an innovative country and a base for international influence.

Yicai Media Group, China's largest financial media group, will launch the 2018 list of China's Best International Entrepreneurs - Yicai Brilliant 20, to find more successful international entrepreneurs, with the selection process to start ahead of the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Yicai launched the Yicai Brilliant 20 for the first time in February 2017. Through self-recommendations from international entrepreneurs and nominations by venture capital institutions, incubators and successful investors, the judging panel crunched the data of 60 brilliant international entrepreneurs. They came from all over the world and all founding teams had an international education and career background. The distribution of their businesses demonstrated the latest global trends. The development of Internet technology including e-commerce and gaming accounted for more than half of the total, followed by life-related fields such as food and drink, tourism and performance as well as media, new energy and environmental protection.

An expert committee consisting of well-known investors and media veterans devised a comprehensive appraisal system using nine aspects including leadership, founder, team, innovation, technology, business model, growth, market size and valuation. Based on these criteria, Yicai screened 60 candidates and eventually selected the first list of 20 China's Best International Entrepreneurs - Yicai Brilliant 20. These entrepreneurs pushed up a new round of global business development through their own practices taking into account national and cultural differences.

Yicai Media Group CEO Zhou Jiangong believes that China not only attracts worldwide venture capital but also lures entrepreneurs from all over the world. More and more entrepreneurship and innovation originate in China and spread across the world. This will become a trend.

Yicai will officially start the 2018 Yicai Brilliant 20 selection recommendations through brilliant20@yicai.com on Feb. 12, 2018. Investors or entrepreneurs are welcome to send us their company profile and founder resume. Yicai will organize a professional review team to evaluate and publish the final results in May 2018.

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