Alibaba Cloud Unveils First AI Programmer
Liu Jia
DATE:  Jun 21 2024
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Alibaba Cloud Unveils First AI Programmer Alibaba Cloud Unveils First AI Programmer

(Yicai) June 21 -- Alibaba Cloud launched its first artificial intelligence programmer of apps at the Chinese cloud computing firm’s AI summit in Shanghai today.

Built based on Tongyi Qianwen, Alibaba’s own large language model, the AI programmer can develop an app in just a few minutes, completing tasks in various areas such as architecture, development engineering, and test engineering.

Each intelligent agent of its multi-agent system oversees software development and they work together to develop a whole product function, which greatly simplifies the entire process, Yicai learned.

The coding agent, for example, cannot only understand the user's needs, but also accurately locate where the codes need modification and provide solutions.

At the summit, the AI programmer was asked to develop an Olympic event schedule app by itself, and it completed the task in just 10 minutes.

Alibaba Cloud unveiled its AI coding assistant Tongyi Lingma last November and it now helps developers in generating more than 30 million codes a day.

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