Baidu Bets on Blockchain to Protect, Promote Photos
Dou Shicong
DATE:  Jul 19 2018
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Baidu Bets on Blockchain to Protect, Promote Photos Baidu Bets on Blockchain to Protect, Promote Photos

(Yicai Global) July 19 -- Chinese internet behemoth Baidu has introduced its original photo copyright service platform called Totem, which is based on blockchain technology, after it conducted a test run in April, it has announced, adding the system also helps creators publicize and sell their works.

Baidu hopes to apply Totem in a variety of scenarios to build a credible ecosystem, it said.

With blockchain technology and the help of Baidu's search engine and third-party partners, Totem will build a whole-industry chain service platform covering image production, ownership certification, distribution, trading, infringement monitoring, and rights protection services. After identifying an infringement, it compiles online evidence of the act and logs it in the blockchain, Chinese news outlet Ifeng reported.

Totem's copyright detection system can scan a large amount of data across an entire network -- with recognition accuracy of over 99 percent -- using artificial intelligence and big data. It can operate around the clock and produce copyright inspection reportsnfor thousands of pictures in as little as two hours.

In addition to better protecting the rights of original authors, Totem provides them with multi-channel distribution and value monetization capabilities. The system also affords original pictures more exposure through Baidu's search engine platform and thus brings greater potential commercial opportunities, the company said.

Baidu released a test version of Totem on April 11. The product adopts its self-developed blockchain copyright registration network, generating a copyright DNA for each original picture submitted by time stamping it with a realtime identity and other user data to achieve tracking of original works, Baidu said.

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