CES Asia 2019 Opens With Bots, VR Games, Microfarming
Ren Yuming
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CES Asia 2019 Opens With Bots, VR Games, Microfarming
(Yicai Global) June 12 -- Th year's Consumer Electronics Show Asia kicked off in Shanghai  yesterday. The event attracts more than 500 exhibitors to present the  world's top technologies, involving fifth-generation wireless,  artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality, as well  as automobiles./n/n/n/n/nChina's JD.Com  arrived at the fair with its service robot designed to help persons with  reduced mobility. Consumers may control the droid with a sensor. 

A vitor  testing out a staffless VR game station that could be installed in  public places including shopping malls, cinemas, subway stations, and  airports.

NuraLogix's  facial recognition software can tell how its user doing physically  and psychologically just by analyzing the person's face. 

China's GJS Technology showcased its gaming robot at the event. 

Japan's BoCo  dplayed its bone conduction headphones that convey sound though bones,  not via air, and hence allow the user to simultaneously take in their  surroundings. 

The event had a  special microfarm that uses very little resources, including only 2  percent of the amount of water that traditional farms do. The urban farm  makes the life cycle of one plant very fast. 

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