China's First Fleet of Pure Electric Buses Runs in Qingdao
Zhang Xia
DATE:  Sep 28 2017
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
China's First Fleet of Pure Electric Buses Runs in Qingdao China's First Fleet of Pure Electric Buses Runs in Qingdao

(Yicai Global) Sept. 28 -- China's first flotilla of new 'smart fast charge' pure electric buses went into operation in Qingdao yesterday, the same day China's first smart traffic research center also officially set up shop in Qingdao, CNR News reported.

The new electric buses adopt special charging technology, which affords many advantages, such as wireless fast charge, charge while running (from ambient charging infrastructure) and other time and energy saving features. It can greatly improve the comprehensive operating efficiency of electric buses and reduce bus idling time. At the same time, Jiaoyun Group Qingdao Wenxin Bus Co. Ltd. introduced the transport intelligence cloud platform, many top domestic Internet of Things smart technologies will also be used in the 20 electric buses, such as a dangerous goods detection and safety hazard pre-warning systems.

 The new pure electric buses have three charging modes with a charging nozzle like fast charging, slow charging, charging piles. Under the quick-charging mode, a mere 5-minute top-up can provide 40 kilometers of mileage, which is mainly used for temporary vehicle recharge, while slow charging can replenish 30 vehicles at a time. These pure electric buses also come with a smart speed limit function to avert safety risks.

In Jiaoyun Wenxin Bus Station the charging wire network is designed for wireless fast charging mode -- the first used in China. Under such a mode, no fixed infrastructure is needed, and most existing bus stations already satisfy project requirements, and thus no additional charging space is needed.

The first smart transit research center, jointly built by Datang Telecom Technology Co. and Shanghai Jiaoyun Group Co. [SHA:600676], officially landed in Qingdao. It will help smartify and standardize domestic electric buses.

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