China's Huawei Releases First Telecom Foundation Model at MWC
Li Na
DATE:  Feb 27 2024
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
China's Huawei Releases First Telecom Foundation Model at MWC China's Huawei Releases First Telecom Foundation Model at MWC

(Yicai) Feb. 27 -- Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies unveiled its first telecom foundation model at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday.

Huawei's Telecom Foundation Model provides key intelligent technologies that support service innovation, improve operations efficiency, revolutionize network productivity, and realize 5.5-generation network intelligence objectives, the Shenzhen-based company said in a press release today.

Huawei launched the Pangu Model in April 2021 and upgraded it to a 3.0 version last July. Pangu is the umbrella name for basic models, including large language models, large visual models, and models for specific sectors, such as finance and manufacturing. Analysts believe the Huawei Telecom Foundation Model is an application of Huawei's large models in vertical fields.

"The Huawei Telecom Foundation Model leverages the company's strengths in intelligent technology and offers two types of applications: role-based copilots and scenario-based agents," Yang Chaobin, Huawei's board member and president of ICT Products and Solutions, said at the launch event at the MWC. “It will help carriers empower employees and improve user satisfaction, which will, in turn, improve network productivity.”

The model, which will continue to stand out for years to come as it leverages Huawei's over 30 years of expertise in service support, helps operators go intelligent by supporting smart natural language interactions for different roles to improve employee knowledge and efficiency, Huawei noted.

The Huawei Telecom Foundation Model can provide accurate network status, blunder reasons, and handle suggestions and other types of information with language interactions, helping reduce the time to deal with glitches by at least 30 percent, Yang pointed out.

As the 5G era's advanced structure is on the horizon, applications and technologies of various types are iterating quicker with increased needs for network stability, so carriers urgently need to make their operation smarter, Yang said.

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