Chinese AI Farm Breeds 6 Billion Cockroaches Annually
William Clegg
DATE:  May 25 2018
/ SOURCE:  Yicai

(Yicai Global) May 25 -- A warehouse-based fam in China has recently come to light as it breeds around 6 billion cockroaches per year to meet demand for so-called cockroach milk, which is used in Chinese medicine.

The factory farm is operated by medicine firm Good Doctor and is locates in China's western Sichuan province. It employs an AI system to look after its massive intrusion of cockroaches, which outnumbers the total population of the world's human.

The facility is lined with with rows of shelves lined with open containers of food and water in a concrete building covering an area of about two sports fields.

Pulverized cockroaches are a booming industry in China due to their use in Chinse medicine as a cheap source of protein. There were around 100 large-scale farms in China according to data from 2013, although up to data statistics on the sector are hard to come by.

Despite the market demand, some Chinese people seem reluctant to feast on the beasts, and Good Doctor chooses to only list the insect's scientific name on packagaing, perhaps soas not to put off consumers.

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