DJI Pledges to Abide by China’s New Drone Export Controls, Report Says
Shi Yi
DATE:  Aug 01 2023
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DJI Pledges to Abide by China’s New Drone Export Controls, Report Says DJI Pledges to Abide by China’s New Drone Export Controls, Report Says

(Yicai Global) Aug. 1 -- Chinese drone giant DJI Technology said it will abide by China’s new policy controlling the export of unmanned aerial vehicles, it has been reported.

As a global company, DJI has always strictly abided by and implemented the export control laws and regulations of China and other countries and regions where it operates, a manager at the Shenzhen-based company told The Paper yesterday.

On July 26, DJI reportedly refuted rumors that India’s military had placed a CNY135 million (USD18.8 million) order with the firm and had already paid a 25 percent deposit. DJI said it has always focused on civilian drones and opposes the military use of its products.

In notices released yesterday, China’s Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense, and the equipment development department of the Central Military Commission introduced a new policy to control drone exports for up to two years starting on Sept. 1.

UAV technologies have been developing rapidly with the expansion of their use in recent years, a commerce ministry spokesperson said. Some high-spec, high-performance civilian drones are at risk of being used for military purposes, so China, as a large producer and exporter of drones, decided to step up export controls based on full assessment and demonstration, without targeting any specific country or region, the person said.

Chinese firms will not be allowed to export drones that can be flown beyond the operator’s natural visual range, have a maximum flight time of more than 30 minutes and a maximum take-off weight of more than seven kilograms or net weight of over four kg, and carry high-power radio, throwing functions, hyperspectral imaging cameras, and specific laser ranging and positioning modules, as well as some other functions, according to the new policy.

Companies that do not abide by the policy and export drones without permission will be penalized by the four authorities. If their actions constitute a crime, firms will be held criminally responsible.

High-performance drones have military attributes, and it is an international practice to impose export controls on them, according to the commerce ministry’s website. China has gradually implemented export controls on UAVs since 2002, with the scope of the controls and technical standards consistent with international ones.

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