China's NUST to Debut Five Industrial Robots
Tang Shihua
DATE:  Mar 21 2019
/ SOURCE:  yicai
China's NUST to Debut Five Industrial Robots China's NUST to Debut Five Industrial Robots

(Yicai Global) March 20 -- Chinese manufacturer New Universal Science and Technology will showcase five smart robot products for the first time next week.

The Beijing-based firm will display the products at an event in the capital on March 26, according to a statement.

The five products were developed by NUST affiliate Qingtou Intelligent Technology. One of the robots, named Dianbao, provides an intelligent patrolling system for power firms, while another monitors content for live-streaming regulators. Another patrol bot named Anbao serves the security sector.

The other two products can operate and maintain data centers and detect road safety levels for traffic authorities.

Dianbao has been used at substations in northeastern China's Jilin province and Erdos in the northwestern region. The stations supply traction power for railways. Anbao has been used at several grain reserves in Jiangsu and Hunan provinces.

Qingtou Intelligent is developer headed up by graduates from China's renowned Tsinghua University.

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