Eleme.com Completes China's First Robot Takeout Delivery in Office Building
Zhang Xia
DATE:  Oct 10 2017
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Eleme.com Completes China's First Robot Takeout Delivery in Office Building Eleme.com Completes China's First Robot Takeout Delivery in Office Building

(Yicai Global) Oct. 10 – Wanxiao'e, China's first smart food delivery robot developed by Eleme.com's future-oriented logistics team, has debuted at Hongqiao Vanke Center in Shanghai.

By replacing food delivery couriers, it will complete the 'last mile' leg within office buildings with intelligent meal delivery services.

The robot has a simple appearance that consists of of a large, three-layer thermal insulation box and a smart universal mobile platform. Equipped with a route sensor, it can run smoothly over even stone pavements, floors, carpets and gentle slopes indoors, and automatically chart the route to its destination, use elevators and avoid obstacles to ensure safety in different delivery scenarios.

The robot supports remote data upgrades and tracking and can carry food in three separate orders weighing up to 80 kilograms in one delivery. Its battery, which can last eight hours, is self-charging.

It notifies recipients after reaching their floor and waits for them to come to fetch their food, with its touch-screen displaying a message that reads 'Your food is in compartment No. XX. Please close the door and confirm food pickup after retrieving it.' The whole food ordering process concludes after the customer arrives, opens the door and clicks 'confirm food pickup.'

Underlying Wanxiao'e is a set of smart robot delivery systems, which is an important component of Eleme.com's logistics unit, said a director of the company's logistics arm, adding that the online food delivery platform independently developed the system which can be used to send food ordered from Eleme.com and Baidu Takeaway.

Eleme.com previously signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Shanghai Vanke, per which the latter will offer more conveninet services to diners after the introduction of the first such robot at Hongqiao Vanke Center, the companies said. Robots will likely roll out at different venues, including residential, commercial and office buildings -- such as those incidentally developed by China Vanke Co. [HK:2202].

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