Expired Collabs Drove Aito, Luxeed to Exit Auto Websites, Huawei Says
Li Na | Wei Wen
DATE:  Jan 03 2024
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Expired Collabs Drove Aito, Luxeed to Exit Auto Websites, Huawei Says Expired Collabs Drove Aito, Luxeed to Exit Auto Websites, Huawei Says

(Yicai) Jan. 3 -- The reason why consumers cannot see detailed information about Aito and Luxeed vehicle models on Chinese platforms Dongchedi, Autohome, and Yiche anymore is because of expired partnerships, Huawei Technologies explained.

Until new agreements are reached via negotiations, certain partnerships are halted because cooperation agreements between Harmony Intelligent Mobility Alliance and multiple auto information providers expired, the Shenzhen-based telecoms giant told Yicai. It provides software for Seres Group's Aito and Chery Automobile's Luxeed brands via the alliance.

Yicai discovered information about the models on the above-mentioned automotive platforms but the search results did not include details about nearby resellers and distributors as the websites tend to show.

Harmony between Dongchedi and Huawei could have started to erode last month as the platform revealed test results of several plug-in hybrid vehicles' winter battery life. The range-extended version of Aito M7 was ranked worst with less than 32 percent of the claimed capacity. Multiple models under Geely Holding Group and Great Wall Motor got less than 40 percent.

Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei’s consumer business group, said that the test results were misleading to the public.

Autohome, Dongchedi, and Yiche are some of China's specialized websites for automotive information. Founded nearly two decades ago, Autohome earns money by generating leads for carmakers and resellers. Early last year, Autohome was boycotted by multiple provincial associations of auto resellers because of the platform's great price hikes.

Huawei and Xiaomi, two Chinese phonemakers that have entered the car space, depend less on third-party websites for exposure as they already run stores and websites with established fanbases. Moreover, HIMA is very likely to create its own mobile application.

Last year, Aito delivered nearly 94,400 vehicles in total. It has so far received over 120,000 orders for the Aito M7, which hit the market last September. The Aito M9, which was launched a week ago, already got 30,000 orders and from this year, the brand is expected to be able to deliver more than that per month.

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