Gaming-Oriented Blockchain Project Secures Investment From The9 Limited
Liao Shumin
DATE:  Mar 14 2018
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Gaming-Oriented Blockchain Project Secures Investment From The9 Limited Gaming-Oriented Blockchain Project Secures Investment From The9 Limited

(Yicai Global) March 14 -- CellLink, a public blockchain project oriented around gaming, has secured investment from Shanghai-based gaming operator, The9 Limited, the former distributor of World of Warcraft in China, Jiemian News reported.

The Singapore-based project is similar to mainstream platforms Ethereum and EOS, and aims to establish a gaming ecosystem initially, helping developers to apply blockchain to their games. Specific details of the The9's investment were unavailable.

Blockchain, a digital ledger which holds public records of transactions, is best known for its role in cryptocurrencies but has a wide array of uses. Despite shutting down local virtual currency exchanges, China is keen to press on with blockchain development and included the sector in a national strategy document as part of its 13th five-year plan in 2016.

The project has been ongoing for around one year, and is scheduled for a release in the second quarter of this year.

CellLink's platform boasts a fast trade per second rate and has the largest capacity among base public blockchain platforms, both those that have already been released those under development.

According to CellLink's white paper, the project refers to a set of integrated tools used for distributed application development, made up of a base-level blockchain system and relevant tool chains. As a result of its stability, safety and efficiency achieved by the design, this platform is more innovative and efficient in the development of blockchain-based distributed applications.


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