Huawei Pens 5G Deals With Global Operators, Ships Over 40,000 Base Stations
Liao Shumin
DATE:  Feb 27 2019
/ SOURCE:  yicai
Huawei Pens 5G Deals With Global Operators, Ships Over 40,000 Base Stations Huawei Pens 5G Deals With Global Operators, Ships Over 40,000 Base Stations

(Yicai Global) Feb. 26 -- Huawei Technologies said yesterday that it has signed commercial contracts for fifth-generation wireless communication networks with more than 30 operators worldwide, and its shipment of 5G base stations already exceeds 40,000.

Huawei signed the agreements at the Mobile World Congress 2019, which opened yesterday in Barcelona, Spain, Chinese state-backed The Paper reported.

The commercialization of 5G has been faster than anticipated. An additional 30 countries are expected to allocate 5G spectrums this year, with nearly 200 operators receiving 5G licenses. Plus, there will be 40 5G terminals throughout the year, the report said, citing the relevant people from Huawei.

This is the first time that all of Huawei's three business groups -- carrier, enterprise, and consumer -- are participating in the MWC, the world's biggest annual gathering of the mobile sector. The Shenzhen-based company has unveiled its simplified 5G products and SoftCom AI solution to highlight the competitiveness of its next-generation solutions.

Huawei has focused on 'simplifying 5G' to reduce operators' costs and difficulty in deploying 5G, from product design, installation, service and other aspects. The company is showcasing its leading end-to-end 5G products and solutions integrating simplified 5G sites, architecture, protocols, and operations and maintenance at the MWC, enabling operators to rapidly deploy 5G.

Simplified 5G

Staff at Huawei's exhibition hall explained the secret of 'simplified 5G.' The company has developed new materials that are much lighter than the old ones to reduce the weight of 5G base stations. It is adopting a complete set of liquid-cooled heat dissipation systems to solve the problem of heating in 5G base stations and its self-developed core chip Tiangang for 5G base stations and optical modules ensure that the capacity and performance of its devices is far greater than those of its peers.

The installation of 5G devices has been made simpler than that of 4G ones, Huawei claims. It would take four man-hours to install a 5G device rather than the 7.5 for a 4G. "Our goal is to make 5G deployment as simple and convenient as building blocks," Ryan Ding, president of Huawei's carrier business group, said at a press briefing on Jan. 24.

With the support of Huawei, several European operators, such as Vodafone, announced 5G commercialization at the mobile trade show, and the former has also inked 5G cooperation agreements with many operators from around the world.

Huawei will build 5G open laboratories in Asia, Europe and the Middle East this year, to aggregate its 5G innovation business incubated worldwide, the company said. It will support local ecological partners to incubate and explore 5G innovative businesses catering to the local market, laying a strong foundation for its business in the 5G era.

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