Tencent, Vivo, Qualcomm to Create AI E-Sports Team for King of Glory
Liao Shumin
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Tencent, Vivo, Qualcomm to Create AI E-Sports Team for King of Glory

(Yicai Global) April 19 -- US chip developer Qualcomm will join up with  Chinese phone maker Vivo Communication Technology and tech giant Tencent  Holdings to develop an e-sports team using artificial intelligence for  popular mobile game King of Glory.

The three parties will explore and promote the usage of terminal artificial  intelligence based on Qualcomm's fourth generation AI engine, reported  state-backed media outlet The Paper.

They will train AI to play the game and set up a team called Supex. The three aim to consistently improve and optimize the team's strength  through massive-online battle arena gaming, according to Wang Youfei,  general manager of innovation at Dongguan-based Vivo.

Vivo's research team does not directly extract data from the game engine for  processing, like other AI firms, but instead retrieves data from game  interfaces to fully simulate human behavior. 

Qualcomm held an AI Open Day event today in Shenzhen. It showcased 40  applications based on its engine with 20 ecological partners, covering  shooting, audio, games, translation, gesture recognition, augmented  reality and Internet of Things.

This is the first time that Qualcomm's fourth-generation AI engine has moved  ability reasoning for gaming from the cloud to the terminal side. It is  an attempt to develop the smartphone-oriented AI, says Frank Meng,  director of Qualcomm China.

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