Using ChatGPT Will Separate Winners From Losers, Chinese Game Firms Say
Lv Qian | Liu Xiaojie
DATE:  Feb 15 2023
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Using ChatGPT Will Separate Winners From Losers, Chinese Game Firms Say Using ChatGPT Will Separate Winners From Losers, Chinese Game Firms Say

(Yicai Global) Feb. 15 -- Artificial intelligence-generated content, such as dialogue created by OpenAI's ChatGPT, will become a key point of competitive advantage for Chinese game companies, according to experts.

In the next five years, AIGC will greatly change many aspects of the gaming industry, Guo Weiwei, chief executive of Kingsoft’s game company Xishanju, said to Yicai Global at an annual industry conference recently.

Animation artists of the future will become model trainers who will no longer hand over their work to producers, but to AI, Guo said, adding that the producers will make choices and continue training the AI.

A key point of competition in the field is the machine learning model but It may take a few years before all industries start using ChatGPT truly productively, said Long Zhiyong, deputy general manager of Alibaba Group Holding’s cloud game department.

In foreign countries, the underlying large language models are mainly provided by OpenAI and Google. Although Chinese companies are making an effort, it is not yet possible to say which one will have the first-mover advantage, Long added.

AI can be the ultimate sparring partner. In many battle games, data accumulated by AI in the background will imitate the performance of masters, Guo said, adding that this is why in the future it may be difficult to tell whether the player is fighting with an AI or a real person.

But chatbots such as ChatGPT can also help in copywriting. Lilith Games will probably prioritize applying AIGC to the creative production of ads, a person in charge of the company behind mobile games such as Farlight 84 and Warpath said to Yicai Global.

Last year, game developers were all about the metaverse but trends change fast. Regardless of whether it is ChatGPT or the metaverse, game producers must constantly keep paying attention to new concepts, increase investments, and become early adopters of cutting-edge tools, said Li Mingrui, executive vice president of mobile game developer HyperGryph.

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