WeChat Bans Over 1000 Illegal Mini Apps to Comply Its Content With Latest Regulations
Yin Yi
DATE:  Feb 07 2018
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
WeChat Bans Over 1000 Illegal Mini Apps to Comply Its Content With Latest Regulations WeChat Bans Over 1000 Illegal Mini Apps to Comply Its Content With Latest Regulations

(Yicai Global) Feb. 7 -- WeChat, also known as Weixin, China's largest social media messaging app has removed some accounts and apps suspected of illegal activities. It has permanently banned more than 1000 third party apps on its platform which it said engaged in illegal cash loan business. WeChat's move comes at a time when China tightens regulations on content in social media.

WeChat yesterday posted a statement on one of its official accounts on the platform, @wx-pai, saying some app developers and businesses are committing malicious marketing by leading users to external channels via their mini apps. WeChat has, therefore, banned over 1,000 illegal mini cash loan apps permanently and has cracked down on those who tried to evade qualification checks.

WeChat is the most popular social media platform in China developed and owned by internet giant Tencent Holdings. Those mini apps on the platform offer businesses a convenient channel for expanded commercial activities. However, illegal transaction and business operators also find access to the platform WeChat says wants to prevent. To comply its content with the latest regulations, WeChat also cracked down on apps which engage in counterfeit or copycat products and disseminating pornographic and vulgar contents, as well as illegal e-commerce accounts.

China's cyberspace regulator issued a set of new rules titled "Administrative Regulations for Microblog Information Services" early this month, stipulating that microblogging service providers should be responsible for the content they publish online. The service providers should implement and continuously improve various management systems, and effectively put in place secure technical support and preventive measures, the document said. The size of their management teams must match the scale of service operations.

Following the principle of "mandatory real-name registration in the background, and voluntary name display in the foreground," microblogging service operators should verify user identity and sign a service agreement with users to clarify their respective rights and obligations, the document said.

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