Shanghai's WAIC Creates Virtual AI City to Imagine Future
Ning Jiayan
DATE:  Jul 08 2020
/ SOURCE:  Yicai

(Yicai Global) July 8 -- People around the world can have a taster of future technologies in an interactive urban landscape on the website of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference that starts tomorrow.

The virtual 3D environment shows innovations by exhibitors from more than 150 international companies such as Microsoft, Huawei Technologies, and Amazon.Com.

This year's WAIC, held on July 9-11, will have many sessions online amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The event that dives into the areas of fifth-generation wireless networks, autonomous driving, healthcare, governance, and chips, will provide participants with live streaming and recorded sessions from diverse locations, including Germany and the US.

Some of the showcased technologies on the platform include CloudMinds Technology's smart makeshift hospital, ABB Group’s YuMi robot, and Huawei’s Atlas 900 AI cluster with computing power equal to that of 500,000 personal computers.

The 3D landscape also allows companies to post jobs and interview possible candidates, as well as startups to seek funding.

Editor: Emmi Laine


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