Anchor Guwang of King of Glory Live Broadcast Platform Suffers Sudden Death From 'Overwork'
Tang Shihua
/SOURCE : Yicai
Anchor Guwang of King of Glory Live Broadcast Platform Suffers Sudden Death From 'Overwork'

(Yicai Global) Nov. 15 -- Anchor Guwang of live broadcast platform King of Glory, also known as 'Arena of Vallor' in the western markets, a mobile game developed by Tencent Holdings Ltd. [HKG:0700], suffered a sudden death from what is claimed to be related to overwork. The platform said in a statement released later that health should be put in the first place for playing games or live broadcasting.

Before his death, the anchor conducted his live broadcast work from midnight every day to 9.00 a.m. Due to such long conversed workday and night, he could not take the burden any longer and suffered a sudden death from overwork, reported.

Guwang had owned 170,000 fans and 1.75 million gifts on this live broadcast platform, the report said. His live broadcast lasted extended hours every day, including the day of his sudden death on Nov. 2. The online anchor had been broadcasting live all night for several consecutive months before his death, the fans said.

Official website showed that on which the anchor broadcast live is a barrage-based live broadcast platform focusing on mobile games, and it currently has more than 100,000 mobile game players and more than 10 million mobile game viewers.

Fans' rewards are an important source of income for network broadcast anchors in China. Some anchors who own a large number of fans have very high incomes. However, in order to maintain their popularity among the fans, the anchors need to use highly innovative methods and keep constant interaction with them.

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