Chinese Nuclear Power Firms Unite to Take Hualong One Technology Overseas
Lin Chunting
/SOURCE : Yicai
Chinese Nuclear Power Firms Unite to Take Hualong One Technology Overseas

(Yicai Global) July 31 -- China General Nuclear Power Group recently held a meeting at its nuclear base in Guangxi province's Fangchenggang, to discuss the country's third nuclear technology, Hualong One, with senior executives from nine other companies, the group said.

During the meeting, the executives pledged to improve Hualong One's design and construction capability and continuously localize production of associated equipment and materials.

The firms will cooperate further to focus on standardizing technology, scaling up production and increasing autonomy of technology development and efficiency, said He Yu, CGN's chairman.

"Some 90 percent of equipment used in the second phase of the Hualong One demonstration project at Fangchenggang was domestically produced," said Guo Zonglin, deputy general manager at China Nuclear Power Engineering Co. "Relevant construction and investment operations have been effectively controlled to date."

The objective of the meeting is to ensure the Hualong One demonstration project is constructed successfully, and to unite the companies in efforts to globalize and expand China's share of the global nuclear power market, a source at CGN told Yicai Global.

Hualong One is a third-generation pressurized water reactor independently developed in China. Since signing several agreements with French electricity supplier, Electricite de France SA [EPA:EDF], to build nuclear power plants in the UK, CGN has been marketing Hualong One to countries in central and eastern Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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