Huawei-Backed HiSilicon, Other Smart Component Suppliers Show Off New Products at AWE in Shanghai
Wang Zhen
DATE:  Mar 18 2024
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Huawei-Backed HiSilicon, Other Smart Component Suppliers Show Off New Products at AWE in Shanghai Huawei-Backed HiSilicon, Other Smart Component Suppliers Show Off New Products at AWE in Shanghai

(Yicai) March 18 -- Amid a wave of popularity for smart home appliances, upstream semiconductor and other intelligent component suppliers, including Huawei Technologies-backed fabless chip developer HiSilicon, took part in the 2024 Appliance & Electronics World Expo in Shanghai.

HiSilicon released a new-generation artificial intelligence micro-control unit for white goods at the AWE, which ended yesterday. The Shenzhen-based company also showcased a new air conditioner jointly developed with TCL Technology that uses AI big data model algorithms to help cut energy use.

It was the first time for HiSilicon to attend the expo, Chief Executive Gao Ji said, adding that the company targets clients in the consumer electronics, smart home, and auto electronics sectors, so it is making the shift to becoming a solutions provider from being just a chip supplier.

China’s major television makers Konka Group and Changhong Electric brought their new smart TV sets, equipped with HiSilicon solutions, to the AWE. Laser TV supplier XGimi Technology unveiled a new-generation projection solution jointly developed with HiSilicon.

HiSilicon provides many TV and projector manufacturers with packaged solutions, with its System on a Chip as the core as well as Wi-Fi chips, interactive chips, and sensing chips, Yicai learned.

Industry insiders consider smart TVs and projectors with increasingly high-tech configurations to be the media and smart life innovation centers of the living room, Dong Min, secretary-general of the China Video Industry Association, told Yicai.

“Leading home appliance makers are using AI technologies and chips to improve their products’ audio and video functions, such as the quality of images,” Dong said.

Millimeter wave radar chipmaker Calterah Semiconductor Technology Shanghai also attended the expo for the first time this year. The firm unveiled a mmWave radar chip and components that add intelligent features to home monitoring products while also balancing their detection and privacy protection capabilities.

“This AWE reflects the new development trends in the global home appliances industry,” Don said. The first trend is is the smart Internet of Things, where leading firms are more vigorously launching smart home systems that include lighting, door locks, and controls, rather than just individual products, he said.

Secondly, there is the trend towards homogeneity and customization, where products will integrate to a greater extent with diverse and personalized private tastes, Dong said. In addition, green products are becoming a shared goal for both companies and users.

Editors: Tang Shihua, Futura Costaglione

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