BASF’s Chemistry Course Enrols Almost 200,000 Chinese Students Over 20 Years
Zhang Yushuo
DATE:  Aug 29 2022
/ SOURCE:  Yicai

(Yicai Global) Aug. 29 -- Nearly 200,000 Chinese children have joined BASF’s interactive, fun, and free chemistry education program since 2002, according to the German chemicals giant.

BASF recently released data on the Kid’s Lab program when the Ludwigshafen-based firm launched a picture book on global warming that explains the greenhouse effect, carbon peak, and carbon neutrality to children aged 9 to 12, and encourages to think about the impact of global warming and leading a low-carbon lifestyle.

Kids' Lab is an education program for kids aged six to 12 to learn about the world of chemistry through simple and safe experiments. It has been brought to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Kid’s Lab is to strengthen children’s awareness of science and encourage them to take interest in chemistry from an early age, said Jeffrey Lou, president and chairman of BASF China. “We hope they will make full use of chemistry to create and innovate when they grow up.”

BASF also has other activities to cultivate talent, including programs to attract graduates to join, rotate, and work in multiple positions within two years before settling down, Lou noted. There are over 1,000 courses available for BASF’s employees.

BASF works with more than 10 universities in China on research projects involving graduate and doctoral students. It also joined hands with Soong Ching Ling Foundation to donate 1,000 books to school libraries in remote areas, as most Kid’s Lab activities have been in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing, Lou added.

BASF’s research team also goes beyond chemistry, as it has researchers in physics, biology, math, and information technology. “We have over 10,000 people in the global research and development team, including 800 in Shanghai,” Lou said.

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